• Dicalcium Phosphate
Dicalcium Phosphate

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Hemical Name:Dicalcium Phosphate
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Hemical Name:Dicalcium Phosphate

Chemistry formula:CaHPO4.2H20
English name:Calcium Phosphate,dibasic
Molecular weight:172.09
Physical character:white or weak yellow crystal powder.
Operation standard:HG2636-2000
Quality guideline:
Serial numberGuideline nameTrue guideline
1phosphorous ,%(m/m) ≥18.0
2Ca ,%(m/m) ≥24.0
3fluorides ,% ≤0.05
4arsenic ,%(m/m) ≤0.002
5Heavy metals%(m/m) ≤0.003
Use: To promote the hybridization rate ,embryo protect rate and survive rate of domestic animals.Improve the disease bearing capability of domestic animals,forfend many diseases.Promote the animal's growing and growth,promote the quality of eggs and flash,promote the output of milk. 
Packing:25kgs net paper bags or 50kgs or 1000kgs plastic woven bags.